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Yes, although depending on your activity, you may need a license. Hence, it is very important to understand the activity of your company. 

Yes it can.

The article of association is a document that set out the governing rules of your company.

Would be advisable to adopt a standard model of article of association (download).

A business can perform multiple activities simultaneously without additional paperwork or having to open multiple companies.

You must register for VAT if the combined taxable turnover of the new business and your existing business is over the threshold

Corporate data relating to every limited company incorporated in the UK is available online on the Companies House public register, including information about the company itself, its directors, members, and People with Significant Control (PSCs)

Shareholders are the people or substances that claim company offers, giving them control over that company. The individuals of the board don’t control the company (unless they are moreover shareholders), but they make decisions of the business. In a startup setting, a board member may be the CEO, CTO, or CMO.

You can do it completely online.

As part of our administrations,  you get a virtual office for your company. That incorporates a individual of contact and lawful address for your company in UK.  It’s not a office that your company has leased, so you won’t have any utility bills or rental understanding archives. This address will moreover be shared with other companies.

  • Check your business is ready to employ staff
  • Recruit someone
  • Check they have the right to work in the UK
  • Find out if they need a DBS check
  • Check if they need to be put into a workplace pension
  • Agree a contract and salary

A few online banks require verification of the company’s address. For a standard company, this regularly implies an office rental contract or a utility bill. If you don’t have these documents, the address of the company is the address where the company operates. This place, which is ordinarily exterior of UK, compares to your current put of home in case you’re the as it were part of the company, or where most of the activity is performed within the case of multiple-member companies. In that case, the most straightforward thing to do is to appear a rental contract of your current put of home, or a water, power, or phone charge in your title, as executive of the company.

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