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In order to set up an online account with an E-money institution, such as Wise, or online bank, such as Revolut Business, you usually need two documents from the business:

  • Incorporation document;
  • Memorandum of association.

After the company incorporation, we will provide you instructions on how to set up a correctly a business bank account.

Your domestic bank may be able to set up an account for you on the off chance that it incorporates a correspondent banking relationship with a British bank.

You can send a bill or personal statement showing the Director’s residence, if you use your home as operative address and request the shipment of  card linked to the account at the same address.

  • Stripe. Stripe is perhaps the most popular payment gateway provider in the UK.
  • Worldpay.
  • PayPal for Business.
  • Opayo.
  • Amazon Pay.

Once you ask a charge or credit card for your UK company from your bank supplier, it is ordinarily sent to the company address, which is the address of the virtual office (and its enrolled legal address) assigned to you. Which means it’ll get to our offices. Once it arrives, we’ll contact you to advise you that we have gotten the card and inquire you the correct address to forward it to.

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